Clan Guides

Here are the Clans that are in play in our current setting.

As you prepare your new character for play in our Masquerade 2020: Brave New World setting, you will find these Clan Guides helpful in understanding the differences, the similarities, and the details of the Clans in these modern nights.

Escapees from the madness of an awakened ancient, the fallen judges of the Assamite Schismatics seek redemption for past corruption by joining society and walking a new path toward righteousness.

One last cult of these horrific demon worshippers walks the Earth, insidiously spreading tendrils of influence through the Sects toward their demonic master’s concealed ends. The Followers of the Deceiver adopt new faces to infiltrate and undermine the order of vampiric society.

Refusing to bow down to the Camarilla, the rebellious Brujah have struck a blow to the Tower’s foundation and joined the Anarch Movement en masse. Now, they are among the leaders of the Sect and must answer a difficult question: how do we do it better?

Thin-blooded, clanless and almost universally young, the Caitiff have nowhere to go but the Anarch Movement. Desperation and longing for community is common among them as they struggle to put together new lives for themselves as vampires.

Walking a line between the madness and the Masquerade, these masters of song have been forced to engage society to create an identity beyond their music and create a world that is safe enough for them to continue to exist in.

Having joined the Anarch Movement to protect themselves from FIRSTLIGHT and their enemies, the Followers of Set struggle between maintaining their religion and the tenets of the organization that they have joined for survival. Hail Set!

Do you feel it? The call of freedom ringing through your Blood? The bestial Gangrel ride the darkened highways of the night, embracing the strength of their Beast as they fight to maintain their roaming way of life in a world that keeps getting smaller and smaller.

With their existence threatened by the government purges of vampires and a sudden inability to Embrace, the Gargoyles are in a bind. They struggle to maintain their identity against the need for safety as they race against time to try to solve what has happened to their Blood.

Masters of Necromancy and the underworld, Clan Giovanni has always stood at arms length from the rest of Kindred society. Now, they have been offered an opportunity: will they remain apart, or join with the Ivory Tower and embrace a new reality in the wake of their progenitor’s disappearance?

Master manipulators, the Lasombra abandoned the dying Sabbat and joined forces with the Ivory Tower. Now, they seek to cement themselves as a Pillar Clan of the Camarilla and spread new, dark faiths to the young.

The Malkavians are commonly seen as mad, but these seers can see things others cannot. Is their gift madness or truth?

Recently reunited after a Clan schism, the Nosferatu are on the rise in the Camarilla for having turned against the Brujah and Gangrel in favor of the Toreador and Ventrue. However, they struggle with a horrifying possibility: were they responsible for the coming of FIRSTLIGHT?

A mix of honorable travelers and vice-ridden opportunists, the Ravnos perished in droves two decades ago. The few that remain seek to reignite the dying embers of their Clan through a process called the Renewal… but with a strained Masquerade, will their population expansion be permitted?

Vibrant and alive in spite of their rotted appearance, the Samedi understand death so deeply that every moment of life is seen for the joke that it is. Knowing that oblivion is always just a moment away, they live with abandon and revelry as they struggle to Masquerade in a world where it has become increasingly hard to hide.

These embodiments of art and culture have only recently been able to begin reconnecting with humans in the wake of the Hunter purges. Turning their perfectionism and obsession on Kindred society, they have set a newer, higher standard of social expectation on the vampires under their sway.

Once a monolith of order and hierarchy, the Tremere Pyramid has been splintered in the wake of Hunter attacks. Now, four Houses of Warlocks offer different approaches to magic, with challenging and clashing philosophies that threaten to drive the Clan apart.

The Carpathian Tzimisce have strongly entered North American Kindred society since the destruction of the Sabbat, bringing their knowledge, leadership and ancient traditions to the Ivory Tower and the Anarch Movement. Meanwhile, the Fiends have been driven into hiding, where they plot their revenge against those that abandoned the Sword of Caine...

Leaders and warriors, the self proclaimed rightful rulers of Kindred society have suffered a blow from the Brujah’s departure from the Ivory Tower. Now, they seek to strengthen their society with new alliances, but at what cost?